Where we came from


Choices began as a midwifery service for mothers and babies and we are still the only primary health provider in Aotearoa with our operation centered around midwifery. As we continue to maintain our midwifery focus, at the same time we’ve been expanding into many other areas of whānau health and well-being.


Choices delivers approximately 300 babies per year within our network of Māori midwives. We currently employ or contract four midwives.

Primary Health & Clinical Expertise

The recently established Mobile Nursing Clinics and the Nurse Clinic build on our existing nursing expertise and combine to help represent Choices’ belief that ‘a key part of the future of Primary Health lies in the delivery of nurse clinics with the support of their GPs’. We also provide School-based Clinics to primary schools and along with our other nursing clinics we’ve been increasingly working more with rangatahi.

Our Challenge

Most rangatahi who seek a doctor or nurse require advice of a sexual health nature. At Choices, we find young Māori and Pasifika women are more proactive with their health needs than young men, who often only seek medical advice once they have an STI. The challenge is to normalise young men into caring for their own sexual health as they do for say, their cars. It seems young men accept their cars need a WOF regularly, so our task is to convert this way of thinking into their own sexual health needs. At the very least our goal is to make annual check-ups ‘normal’ and that this carries through to when these rangatahi are themselves parents.